Liv Vaisberg - Office for Art and Design


Liv Vaisberg - Office for Art & Design is dedicated to contemporary art and design. Its founder Liv Vaisberg is known internationally for her paradigms-shifting art and design initiatives.

We advise institutional, commercial and private art projects on their overall strategy as well as their structural and programme development.  

We are supported by an excellent team of communication and social media professionals, producers and VIP relations managers.

COLLECTIBLE Design Fair Brussels / Co-Founder 2018  COMPLEX Curated Art and Design Experiences / Founder  A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR, Brussels / Founder  / CROSSROADS, London / Advisor 2017 Vorfreude Studio / Founder, Art Director since 2016   Independent Brussels/ Co-Director 2016 Edition  POPPOSITIONS / Co-founder, Director 2012-2015  Charleroi Adventure, Urban Safari / Co-founder, 2010