Liv Vaisberg _ Office for Art and Design


Liv Vaisberg _ Office for Art & Design is dedicated to bring allround bespoke support to contemporary art and design initiatives.

We advise institutional, commercial and private art projects on their overall strategy as well as their structural, curatorial and programme development.

We also provide support in the production and communication of your art & design event, accompanying our clients from their unique concept to the successful realisation of it.  

We have a strong Belgian, Dutch and European network of collectors, institutions & art professionals which we enable our clients to benefit from.

Our team excells in implementing our clients’ projects with impactful professional results. Read more in our services section.

Some of our clients’ projects we support:

ART ROTTERDAM / Strategy and international VIP & exhibitors development, 2019-2020  UNSEEN AMSTERDAM / International exhibitors & VIP development  ART ON PAPER Brussels / Strategy: international positioning, relations, communication, VIP cultivation 2017-2018-2019  BOARDING GALLERIES Antwerp / Concept implementation, Production, Communication, Social, VIP, 2018-2019  INDEPENDENT Brussels/ Co-Director, 2016 

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Some initiatives Liv Vaisberg co-founded:

A PERFORMANCE AFFAIR, Brussels / Co-Founder with Will Kerr, 2018  COLLECTIBLE Design Fair Brussels / Co-Founder with Clélie Debehault 2018  COMPLEX Curated Art and Design Experiences / Founder  POPPOSITIONS / President, Co-founder with Pieter Vermeulen & Edouard Meier, Director 2012-2015  Charleroi Adventure, Urban Safari / Co-founder with Nicolas Buissart, 2010

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